We take the designproces step by step. This way we won’t miss any details in the development of your project.

Onze aanpak

Onze aanpak

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    Every collaboration starts with a research fase: we want to know everything about your market, your clients, your organisation, your brand, … everything we need to improve your project.

    • Meeting

      Whenever we start a project we like to talk about it in a personal meeting with a cup of coffee. The main question is: “How do we get your message to the right audience?”. We explain every step of the creative process and make a clear description of the project.

    • Research & analysis

      After our first meeting we start off with a keen plan. We define a well-structured timing for the project and define how we will work out your project. We analyse everything from a to z.

    • Non-binding estimate

      We bundle everything in a non-binding estimate. This way everything will be defined from the beginning until the end.

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    We combine all skills and disciplines needed to develop creative and efficient ways of communication, from start till finish. Creativity and effectiveness is what we stand for, whether it's for a campaign, an identity, a website, magazines, flyers, …

    • First drafts

      When an estimate is approved we continue to work out the concept. We develop a look & feel for the project and use this as a guideline throughout the designproces.

    • Feedback

      Personal contact is very important to us and so we try to keep the client as involved as possible. This way we can discuss every step of the process, from the first brainstorm session until the finished product.

    • Finishing the designphase

      We are perfectionists. After our first draft designs and your feedback, we try to bundle all of our ideas and try to create a finished product. We do this while keeping in mind that form and content have to be off the highest possible level.

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    The development and execution of our designs is one the last steps, but is equally important as the ones already taken. We have a vast network of professional partners, all of them experts in their trade and craft.

    • Ready for print / ready for web

      Finished designs are set up and optimized to go to the next step: the printing proces, development- or animation phase. We double check everything so no mistakes are executed and will only do this after we have had your final GO.

    • Guidance of the print process

      We collaborate with a handfull of printers, each with their own specialties. We follow every step of the process and make sure that everything is done correctly.

    • Web development

      As soon as the webdesign is approved, we start to development all the different modules in your project. At the same time we will translate the design into a perfectly coded website that looks good on every screen.

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    After everything has been tested and if possible adjusted, we officially let you take the project out of our hands. The moment we've all been waiting for!

    • Website launch

      Durable collaborations and proper project communication are very important to us. Every website is accompanied by a well-structured manuel, a training session to explain the use of the CMS-system, an analysis-system to control the website, …

    • Supporting the identity

      The client is given a brand guide. This way they can use every aspect of their identity the right way. The guide will help you and everybody in your company to communicate as a professional brand.

    • Final delivery and care

      When the project has reached it's end, there no reaon not to contact us if there's still fine-tuning to be done. We can also offer extra services to make your project reach a wider audience.

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In every collaboration, a clear and open way of communication is of utmost importance to us.

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